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Bison Meat Bloomington - Healthy and Delicious Red Meat

Healthy and Delicious Red Meat

Bison meat is a lean, tender, and nutrient-dense meat. Its natural flavors and sweeter taste make it an easy substitute in any red-meat recipe. Bison is higher in iron and protein than beef and lower in fat and cholesterol than both skinless chicken and salmon. Thanks to the proper care and stewardship by ranchers over the years, bison are once again poised to be the source of a healthy and delicious meat for consumers. With its health benefits and local availability, bison is quickly becoming the natural alternative to today’s mass produced beef. Next time you are looking to grill a steak or burger, make a pan of lasagna, or slow cook a roast, you should consider giving it a try.

Our Ranch

Bison Meat Bloomington - Our Ranch

About Red Frazier Bison

Bloomington Bison Meat company is best in area.

Our Ranch
Located on a couple hundred acres in the rolling hills of Greene County, the ranch is home to about 70 North American Bison as of summer 2016. Red Frazier Bison is committed to growing the bison population the way nature intended, free of growth hormones, steroids, and artificial reproduction practices. Left to their natural instincts, bison are highly adaptable and extremely rugged which is largely responsible for their steadily growing population.  Red Frazier Bison is proud to be participating in the restoration of an American icon.

Our Products
We offer classic steak cuts like Filets, Rib-eyes, Strip Loins, and Sirloins, and we also have cuts like Flat-Iron, Flank, and Skirt Steak available. There are several different roasts to choose from, as well as stew meat, jerky, marrow bones, and ground bison by the pound – just to name a few.

Meat is available for purchase Tuesday thru Saturday from 12:00pm-6:00pm at our retail store located at 840 W 17th St, Suite 9 in Bloomington, IN. Red Frazier Bison can also be found at the Bloomington Community Farmer’s Market and other farmer’s markets in the area.

Looking for cooked bison? Watch for Red Frazier Bison’s mobile food trailer at local and regional events or hire us for a private gathering. Click here or call (812) 606-5550 for more details.

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The Best Bloomington Bison Meat

Red Frazier Bison meat is the best buffalo meat in Bloomington Indiana.

Want to try our healthy Bloomington bison meat? Click here for a list of available products.
You can also visit our retail store or call us at (812) 606-5550 with questions and inquiries.

Impact Fitness Training is proud to support Red Frazier Bison.
Bison meat is is great for you with it being low in Calories, Cholesterol and Fat.
It’s High in Protein and it tastes awesome.

Impact Fitness TrainingBloomington, IN

Just had your bison burger at Upland this week – was yummy!

Kimberly Brentlinger Goy

Grilled out with friends tonight using the bison patties. Just used salt and pepper. Here were the reviews:
“I am spoiled now- I don’t want to eat any other kind of burger.”

“That’s the best burger I’ve ever had.”

“You feel like you ate something, but you don’t have that sick feeling after eating a [regular] burger.”

Everyone was asking where they could get their bison meat!!

Jordyn McIntyreBloomington, IN

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