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Bison or Buffalo?

Bloomington buffalo meat

Bloomington Buffalo meatThis is a North American Bison. They are unique to this continent and have roamed the U.S. and Canada for centuries. They have two individual horns, large humps, massive heads and grow and shed their hair seasonally. Mature males will weigh around 2,000 pounds. Despite their size, bison can jump up to 6’ in the air and run up to 40 mph. They are an iconic symbol of the American West and now the National Mammal of the United States of America.

African Cape Buffalo - Bloomington buffalo meatThis is an African Cape Buffalo. There is also an Asian Water Buffalo. These animals are indigenous to Africa and Asia, but can be found in private herds throughout the U.S. They have larger horns, smaller heads, and less hair. Mature males will weigh around 1,500 pounds. They are slower and more manageable than bison, which makes them good work animals. Water Buffalo produce the milk used for making cheese. These animals have been a valuable part of the Asian and African cultures for generations.

As early American explorers headed West, they encountered the North American Bison, an animal they had never seen before. In deciding what to call it, they went with the name for the largest bovine they had previously encountered, “buffalo”. Now several hundred years later, Buffalo is essentially a widely accepted slang term for the North American Bison.

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